I am dedicated to providing professional aerobatic instruction, and to promoting safe air show and competition flying.


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Keoki Gray, 2807 Ocean Mist Drive, Amelia Island, FL 32034






 Air Show Coaching--$50/Hour

  • Sequence Design/Choreography, from Single Maneuvers to Full Displays

  • Formation Elements, from Single Maneuvers to Full Displays (2 - 4 Aircraft)

  • Narration, Pilot, and Crew Information and Editing

  • Musical Selection


Customer-Designed Aerobatics, Customerís Aircraft - $60/hour

Depending on the type of aircraft, its capabilities and mechanical condition, it is possible to receive aerobatic instruction in your own aircraft.  We have aerobatic time in many different light aircraft, from Citabrias and Cessna 150 Aerobats, through T-34s and Yaks.  Inquire about our experience in your type of aircraft.

(Please note that Amelia Island Aerobatics reserves the right to refuse flying if the aircraft either exceeds our experience level, or is deemed mechanically unsound.)Note: These listings detail the maximum number of maneuvers that are presented during the various courses.  In the interest of safety, AIA reserves the right to modify a syllabus as deemed necessary.

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