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The LOOTM (pronounced LOOT-em or LOOT-um) is the Lust Object Of The Month.  It is simply our current aircraft infatuation.  Since it's an "Object," it has to be inanimate (though one could argue that aircraft come alive for us), and has to be special in some way.  It is only our opinion, and is completely subjective, so any argument, while perhaps amusing, will not really sway the decision.  Thanks, and enjoy.


An Aerocapture films / Family History Videos Production

This video is about Gee Bee QED. Besides being a great story of the building of an airplane, it is an even better story of how friends get together to help each other.
When people come together for a common purpose, the sky is not the limit.


The Gee Bee racers have a definite place in the heart and history of Aviation. And while certainly LOOTM-worthy, and as much as I appreciate single-seat airplanes, it would be nice to have a second seat from time to time. But how...?

How is spelled Q.E.D. Jim Moss' replica airplane made quite a splash at OSH last year, even among some pilots who have flown some pretty envious airplanes themselves. Big, burly, with an enormous radial engine driving an enormous propeller, and that classic Gee Bee lineage--what's not to like? (Maybe that there's only one?!)

Thanks to David S. for the LOOTM suggestion that should have been an easy and obvious choice.


The LOOTM for November

The Q.E.D.

Enjoy & Happy Thanksgiving!


Great phot0 of the amazing level of construction.

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"Mount Rainier provides the perfect backdrop for Jim Moss' reproduction 1934 Gee Bee Q.E.D. in flight.
Photo credit: Lyle Jansma - AeroCapture Images." Photo and caption from the EAA announcement for OSK 2014

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Photo of the original Gee Bee Q.E.D.

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And be sure to check this video out, too! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PnnSb1QYFMk