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The LOOTM (pronounced LOOT-em or LOOT-um) is the Lust Object Of The Month.  It is simply our current aircraft infatuation.  Since it's an "Object," it has to be inanimate (though one could argue that aircraft come alive for us), and has to be special in some way.  It is only our opinion, and is completely subjective, so any argument, while perhaps amusing, will not really sway the decision.  Thanks, and enjoy.

I've been looking at little knock-around airplanes and have always come back to the baby Grummans. A descendent of a Jim Bede homebuilt, they had a reasonable production life and many are still flying today, long after production ceased.

 Although they're not aerobatic, the AA-1's do fly well, have "sports car handling," are fairly cute, and not too expensive to buy or operate. They are a little more demanding than the average Cessna or Piper, but I think that's part of the charm.

 And for those who want more pizzazz, you can either up the horsepower and/or convert them to taildraggers. Mine? I'd like a 125HP taildragger painting in an RHNAF scheme. (Huh? Oh, that's Royal Hawaiian Naval Air Force, of course, of course.)


So the LOOTM for December

The Grumman AA-1


Please, Santa?


Great viz - a very brief PIREP - more photos here:



Well, of course you're going to fly form with them. Why wouldn't you? More here:



Military-inspired schemes have been lavished on the Grummans--some at the factory - a Flying Tigers knock-off.


 photo AmericanAviationAA-1YankeeClipper06.jpg

A simple and pleasing RCAF scheme.


Um, ye-ah . . . friends don't let friends do this . . .