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The LOOTM (pronounced LOOT-em or LOOT-um) is the Lust Object Of The Month.  It is simply our current aircraft infatuation.  Since it's an "Object," it has to be inanimate (though one could argue that aircraft come alive for us), and has to be special in some way.  It is only our opinion, and is completely subjective, so any argument, while perhaps amusing, will not really sway the decision.  Thanks, and enjoy.

So, this LOOTM is a little different . . . .

I'm teaching high school Aerospace Technologies, and have been looking at a lot of flying models. That's how I found some rabid slope soaring fliers in South Africa. They had taken a free set of plans for a MiG-7 flying model, modified them to eliminate the engine and turned them into high-speed gliders. Then they used a couple of outstanding slopes with strong winds and, well, the rest you can see for yourself. They fly formation and combat, and aren't afraid to get their MiGs banged up a bit.

In case you don't grind through all 177 pages of their thread, here are some of the highlights:

Wingspan -  ~4+ feet

Weight - ~5+ pounds

Payload - 3 Go Pro cameras

Speed - 60+ knots!

Material - Correx

(corrugated plastic used for small roadside signs)

On the first page you'll find a variety of videos cut to music. Some of the air-to-air is the best I've seen in a long time. And don't miss the many fantastic schemes these guys lavish on their aircraft. I'm building one, but in the original size (~3 feet) using foam board instead of Correx. I wanted something lighter for weak soaring conditions--and NO combat.

The LOOTM for September

The MiG-7 Slope Soaring Gliders



Group photo from 2011.


These guys are flying at seaside slopes in South Africa. Great backdrop!


Racing P-51 (left) with MiG-7 on the wing.


OUCH! "If you're not fixing 'em, you're not flyin' 'em."


The camera rig. The spinner is weighted for balance and Velcros onto the nose--or can be replaced with the Go Pro HD video camera. 

Here's  the thread, with LOTS more fun stuff: