A Yak-50, looking purposeful and ready, on the ramp at Fernandina Beach, June 2003. It was going to the World Aerobatic Contest to spectate.
"Anatomy of a T-6." This aircraft was undergoing an Annual Inspection at Avra Valley, and was too good a subject to pass up. "What's all that stuff do, anyway?"
A pair of BD-5Js being readied for the flying season at Avra Valley in 2002. The aircraft in the foreground had been flown by Leo and was lost within weeks of this photo. Fortunately, the pilot, Bobby, bailed out and escaped relatively unharmed.
During the Fourth of July Air Show (an annual event at the Amelia Island Plantation) these two North American Aviation beauties were spotted on 55J's ramp. The P-51 was flown by our buddy, Snort, and the AT-6 by a client, Bob.
A lovely, sleek Harmon Rocket on the ramp at Fernandina Beach. Fast, aerobatic-capable, and simple, it's a great package.
James--a.k.a. "Frog"--and his S-1C. He used to fly FA-18s, and now knocks about in this nice little biplane (that he flew from CA to FL when he was transferred).
Markus' little red Eagle in a grass field. This is the biplane he will fly for his Aerobatic License when he returns to Germany.
A real, live Russian Polikarpov I-16. Just 20 feet long and 1,000 horsepower - what's not to like?!
Sean D Tucker's inimitable ribbon cut, with Tom in the foreground. Holding the ribbon poles puts this act "IN YER FACE!" That's why it's good to travel with a lawyer . . . (Mark Agee photo)

Al from UK, with his new Pitts.  The G-Number is obscured by the wing, but is "G-PITZ."(Al owned a pretty--purple--S-1S for many years, and competed well in it.)