Jim and his Stearman. He flew with Keoki, beginning with the ferry flight from Oshkosh to Fernandina Beach through aerobatics and cross-wind landings.
"You can take the horsewoman away from the horse . . ." Solo (our friend, Patty's, horse) and Jan near St. Augustine.
What's a poor, busy flight instructor do to relax? Steal a few moments on his wife's kayak, that's what. Keoki and the "Tern 14."
One of our "kids," Alexis Pantera. She's not always as sweet and innocent as she appears to be here.
Rudi visited from PA for a three-day, five hour course in basic aerobatics and unusual attitudes/spins in early July.
Phil and J.W., a couple of Fernandina Beach's EAA gurus. They had just installed a new bottom cowl on a Skybolt the J.W. owned at the time.
Our "Sukhoi" in her sand dune.  What else could we name a Siberian Husky?"Sukhoi" and "Blue" in Kansas.  They're trying to figure out "why that horse/dog is so small/large?"
Our "adopted son," Antoine (again...), now a First Officer for Air France on the flight deck of an Airbus. We're very proud of him!
Cliff and Red Bird II, after his "Christmas Present." It's a pretty great spouse who'll give one a Pitts flight in Florida!
Our good friend, Al, before he moved to Louisiana. He's a helo pilot training to go into harm's way, and our thoughts are with him and his family.
Warbird driver extraordinaire, Dale "Snort" Snodgrass at the Jax show last November. He seems able to fly anything--and fly it well! (Mark Agee photo)
"What's a hard-working webmaster to do when it's time to get away from the keyboard? Fly, of course! Ed's brilliantly red Starduster on a pretty afternoon."
Jan (Nurse Practitioner, Lawyer and friend), Jan and Keoki at the Jax show November 2002. We're all dressed up to hold poles for Sean D. Tucker's Ribbon cut. (Mark Agee photo)
"J.W.'s nice little Pitts, this S-1C wears a Pitts paint scheme but unusual colors. A sweet-flying airplane, it rolls slower than our S-2a, but is about 5-10 mph faster! (Argh!)"
Markus, from Germany, sent us this photo of himself flying his Eagle, taken by a friend from the front seat. He's been practicing back home for his aerobatic license (we'll keep you posted).
Michelle, from Rome, flew with AIA on two different trips. Jan and Keoki were lucky enough to celebrate her birthday last year while she was in the U.S. (not saying which one--but it ended in a zero)!
We just enjoyed a second visit from Richard, and his wife, Bernie, from the UK. This is "Buckie" and his little Pitts G-OODI (200hp S-1D), back in England on what looks like a pretty nice day.
Richard writes: "I just wanted to thank you for the time of my life!!! The few hours I spent with you were sort of an epiphany. I have decided to (rather, my wife has agreed to let me) chuck my plans vis--vis medical school and pursue aviation full time."
For those of you who want to see the airplanes (instead of the people), from left, Sukhoi 26, Extra 330, Sukhoi 31, F-4U Cosair and Pitts S-2A. A bevy of great airplanes (including Red Bird II, lower right). (Patty Wagstaff photo)
Practice day in preparation for the spring Sebring contest, 2003. From left, Patty, Goody, Hubie, Dale, Sergei, Ralph, Keoki. (Patty Wagstaff photo)

"Alex (front seat) is one of those kids that can make you feel old.  One of the better pilots I've flown with, and only 14!  He wanted a Pitts (Attaboy!)--until he flew the Su-29 with Sergei (Can't blame him!).  "I wonder if Motzart was like this . . . ?"

Our "adopted" son, Antoine, who's on the fast track to an airline career. How 'bout them "buddy passes" for the Concorde?