Guido, Jan and Paolo. These are the two Italian pilots who practiced at Fernandina Beach prior to the WAC.
Anne, Phil and Liza at a morning brief where Phil was presented an award. (It's dark outside because of clouds, not the hour.)
A half-dozen Pitts on the flight line at Sebring, FL, April of 2003.
The airport cat (Bubba?), as relaxed as most competitors would like to be.
Bob, from Colorado, in front of his friend's Laser. It is one of the two aircraft that the Italian team borrowed to compete at the World Aerobatic Contest. (Keoki flew with Bob in an S-2A in Boulder, CO, in 1983.)
Sebring Sunrise: So many pilots made for long flying days and, consequently, early briefing times.
Keoki (and his beloved dorky hat!) cheering for the Independent team with their "country's" flag. It was easy to find skull-and-crossbones gear since Amelia Island was once ruled by pirates.
The staging area for WAC 2003, with Kirby's Zivko under an awning. CD Phil Knight figured there ought to be shade for the competitors as they strapped into their planes. (Thinking as a Floridian!)
Jon (I think) and Hubie at the WAC 2003. Hubie was one of the Independent competitors flying his 400hp Su-26.
Paolo, Patty, Cassidy and Gerry at the WAC 2003.