Home Page Pictures From the Past!

Here are some pictures that were formerly on our  "Home Page"

We have put them here for your enjoyment!


After receiving landing dual instruction in two Pitts's over the last several months, David visited us in March for a tune-up before flying his S-1T.  His first day with the T netted him 16 landings and a huge grin.  Congratulations, David--life is good!

Hello Jan & Keoki

Now the picture I promised.  Thank you for giving me the skill you need for flying and improving aerobatics. Greetings from my father, he told everybody that I got the best training in Florida.

Thank you and greetings!

Pat Hayes bought Grover Burgan's S-2E (180HP two-seater, fixed-pitch prop). Here, we see his Crew Chief--in color-coordinated work clothes--checking out the cockpit. 


Lynn Cooke, who flew with us in 2006, has just announced that she's the proud new owner of this lovely bouncing baby S-1C, G-BXAU named "Fifinella" 

Click here for a little history of this unique name.

Buckie, from the UK, who has flown with us a few times.  Here he is in front of his 200-hp S-1D Pitts with some of his 'loot' from recent contests.  His wife, Bernie, is also his crew chief.  We're proud of them!

Our friend, Al, from the UK recently took third place in the Irish National Aerobatic Contest.  Though he is now flying a red-and-white S-2A, he is more 'famous' for piloting a purple S-1S.  Congrats, Al, and keep those Pitts flying!  Check Al out at the following links:

Also, click here to see Al's ride in a Jaguar - RAF Jaguar, that is!