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December 2014

I've been looking at little knock-around airplanes and have always come back to the baby Grummans. A descendent of a Jim Bede homebuilt, they had a reasonable production life and many are still flying today, long after production ceased.

 Although they're not aerobatic, the AA-1's do fly well, have "sports car handling," are fairly cute, and not too expensive to buy or operate. They are a little more demanding than the average Cessna or Piper, but I think that's part of the charm.

 And for those who want more pizzazz, you can either up the horsepower and/or convert them to taildraggers. Mine? I'd like a 125HP taildragger painting in an RHNAF scheme. (Huh? Oh, that's Royal Hawaiian Naval Air Force, of course, of course.)


So the LOOTM for December

The Grumman AA-1


Please, Santa?


Great viz - a very brief PIREP - more photos here:


Well, of course you're going to fly form with them. Why wouldn't you? More here:


Military-inspired schemes have been lavished on the Grummans--some at the factory - a Flying Tigers knock-off.


 photo AmericanAviationAA-1YankeeClipper06.jpg

A simple and pleasing RCAF scheme.


Um, ye-ah . . . friends don't let friends do this . . .