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September 2014

So, this LOOTM is a little different . . . .

I'm teaching high school Aerospace Technologies, and have been looking at a lot of flying models. That's how I found some rabid slope soaring fliers in South Africa. They had taken a free set of plans for a MiG-7 flying model, modified them to eliminate the engine and turned them into high-speed gliders. Then they used a couple of outstanding slopes with strong winds and, well, the rest you can see for yourself. They fly formation and combat, and aren't afraid to get their MiGs banged up a bit.

In case you don't grind through all 177 pages of their thread, here are some of the highlights:

Wingspan -  ~4+ feet

Weight - ~5+ pounds

Payload - 3 Go Pro cameras

Speed - 60+ knots!

Material - Correx

(corrugated plastic used for small roadside signs)

On the first page you'll find a variety of videos cut to music. Some of the air-to-air is the best I've seen in a long time. And don't miss the many fantastic schemes these guys lavish on their aircraft. I'm building one, but in the original size (~3 feet) using foam board instead of Correx. I wanted something lighter for weak soaring conditions--and NO combat.

The LOOTM for September

The MiG-7 Slope Soaring Gliders



Group photo from 2011.


These guys are flying at seaside slopes in South Africa. Great backdrop!


Racing P-51 (left) with MiG-7 on the wing.


OUCH! "If you're not fixing 'em, you're not flyin' 'em."


The camera rig. The spinner is weighted for balance and Velcros onto the nose--or can be replaced with the Go Pro HD video camera. 

Here's  the thread, with LOTS more fun stuff: