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May 2014

This month's LOOTM comes all the way from Spain, with roots that tap into Germany . . . .

Willy Messerschmitt, best known for the Bf-109, also designed the -110 and other aircraft that boasted a bit less notoriety than his fighter. His final design, the HA-100 morphed into a twin-jet aircraft used by the Spanish Air Force as a trainer.

The Casa HA-200 Saeta is a two-seat tandem trainer powered by a pair of Turbomeca Marboré VI jet engines rated at 1056 pounds (480 kg) thrust each. Not bad for a 7600 pound aircraft. And it's sized to fit in many t-hangars. (It was later re-engined, provided with under-wing hard points, designated the HA-220 Super Saeta and used as a ground attack aircraft/trainer, too.)


The LOOTM for May

The Casa HA-200 Saeta



A perfect sky and the simple scheme highlight the shape of the Saeta in this beauty shot. More from Wiki here:


HA-220 Super Saeta of the Fundaciň Parc Aeronautic de Catalunya. More on this collection here:

This Saeta belongs to Curt Arnspiger. More from the photographer here:

View Curt in a Matt Cashore video here (looks like it hurts!):