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April 2014

Okay, so the April Fool Pogo was a real prototype, but didn't really fly off of any ship (at least not that I'm aware of), so April fools! (Or as David S put it, "Har, har, har.")

As I trolled the web looking for a suitable--real--LOOTM, I stumbled across this classic sailplane with an overall shape, and especially a wing, that I found to be quite beautiful. The Goppingen Minimoa series was constructed and flown in Germany in the mid-1930s. The Go 3 Had a top speed of 138 MPH, a glide ratio of 28:1, and was the first sailplane to carry water ballast. But with only 4 flyable examples in the world, most aircraft and images are of models (though some span 12 feet or more!).


The (real) LOOTM for April

The Goppingen Minimoa



A gorgeous flying model of a two-seat Minimoa Mo 2a from 1937. The kit is available and is worth a look if for no other reason than the photo of the uncovered wing. 

More here:


This photo of a Go 3 speaks for itself. More from Wiki here:


A dream-like photo of a dreamy shape. Six more great photos here (check on the left for "Minimoa in the air"):