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February 2014

This little aircraft started the whole business jet industry back in the early 1960's. In fact, when Learjets first appeared there were certain performance figures that bested some of the military's front-line equipment!

 While the latest models are certified to FL 410 and have grown far beyond the capabilities of the 23/24 Learjets, I've always had a soft spot for the originals. It has "the look" and makes a lot of noise for its size. (That's its downfall in this age of quiet turbines--the aircraft will actually be unable to operate in the US after 2015 due to its inability to meet EPA noise standards.)


  The February 2014 LOOTM

Lear Model 23/24



Lear Jet 23 aircraft picture
The clean lines of the early Lears. This Lear 23 was captured in 2007. As for the noise issue, the Wiki article has more info here:


Lear Jet 24 aircraft picture

The inimitable Clay Lacy landing after an air show routine. The smoke is intentional. See more at:

(including his biography under "downloads").

Or check out a video here:


Lear Jet 24 aircraft picture

A Lear 24 in a low pass down Mexico way. These little jets may still have life in places that can stand the noise. See this one depart LAX here: