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December 2013

Happy Holidays!

This year I had a chance to observe two very similar display aircraft flying at St. Augustine's aerobatic box. I have to say that this one caught my attention . . . .

The Shorts "Tucano" is a license-built version of the Embraer trainer that is being manufactured in the UK. I recall watching a demo of nine of these aircraft flown remarkably well at Dayton, Ohio, many (MANY) years ago by the Esquadira da Fumaca. But the new Shorts version has a more powerful engine, which is always a good thing (as long as you're not buying the fuel!).

Patty Wagstaff demonstrated a privately-owned Tucano at Oshkosh this year. Her display shows the airplane can boogey, with a turn radius that surprised me.

  The December LOOTM

Shorts S-312 Tucano T-1



With a name like "ESQUADRIA DA FUMAÇA" (the Brazilian "Smoke Squadron"), well, you have to live up to the hype.

Photo from here:

A really nice cutaway from a site, with more here (but brush up on your Russian!):


In honor of the Battle of Britain, a couple of Tucanos were painted in WWII schemes. Here they fly alongside a Spitfire marked as one from 92 Squadron, 1940.

More here:


The front office--where the magic happens.

More here: The Tucano Office

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The inimitable Patty Wagstaff taxiing in the S-312 Tucano T-1.

 Watch a video of her OSH 2013 performance here: