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November 2013

David Sanders suggested this month's LOOTM, and it had been a contender in the past. So, why not?

 This aircraft, the Bugatti 100P, was designed in the late 30's but due to WWII, never flew. Sent to the US, it remained in storage until recently. Now an exacting replica is on the fast track to flight and it will be great to see how close to the performance figures its actual performance turns out to be . . .

This sleek aircraft had a pair of 450 HP engines behind the pilot, each engine with its own drive shaft. While it may not be too exciting to have an extended drive shaft running past both elbows, well, just look at this thing--it's GORGEOUS! Might be worth the (minimal) risk just to see how the airplane flies.

 The November LOOTM

Bugatti 100P



Bugatti 100P Plane  The Bugatti 100P

A great flyer for the 100P, with more information here:


Note the huge wing fairings, faired exhaust, leading edge intakes on the horizontal tail and the faired tailwheel. More good information on the rebuild process, along with a short video, here:


One of the "roll out" photos recently posted on the Bugatti100P Project site showing just how sleek the airplane is. More photos and videos here: