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September 2013

The LOOTM for this month is the inimitable F4U Corsair. Its design principle was as simple and as American as the hot rod--cram the largest engine possible into the airplane. But how to mount a huge prop to absorb all that horsepower, yet still keep the landing gear legs short and strong enough for the abuse of carrier landing? The distinctive inverted gull wing was the crafty solution to the problem.

This potent fighter is recognized as the first aircraft to exceed 400 mph in level flight. It was in production longer than any US WWII fighter (through 1952), and served with a host of air forces all over the world. It sounds great and looks even better in flight. See one at an air show near you.


The September LOOTM

SF4U Corsair



Vought F4U-4 Corsair aircraft picture

Red Bull's F4U-4 on the wing of a very nice Lockheed P-38. These two are common participants at European fly-ins and air shows. More great photos here:


Vought (Goodyear) FG-1D Corsair aircraft picture

An FG-1D (Goodyear-built version) with the gear just coming up and folding into the bays. The Wiki entry here:


This Corsair (a later version with a Radar pod--perhaps a -4 or -5) taking off from a carrier deck. Each propeller tip is creating its own contrail in the humid air. More here:


This painting is called, "The Homecoming" celebrating the end of WWII in the Pacific. The Corsair in the middle is commonly called the "birdcage" Corsair due to its earlier-style framed canopy. If you gotta have the print, try here: