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August 2013

Here's a slick little shoulder-winged jet from a consortium of Yugoslavia and Romania, the SOKO J-22 Orao (Eagle). This twin-engine aircraft has a crew of one or two, and can mount an impressive load of weapons on several under-wing stations (though clean, lean and mean would be my preference). It has two internally mounted 23mm cannon. In 1984, it became the first Yugoslav-designed aircraft to exceed Mach 1 when it went supersonic in a shallow dive.


The August LOOTM

SOKO J-22 Orao


As usual, let's start with the Wiki entry to get a good idea of this little jet:


Soko J-22 Orao aircraft picture

Note the enticing curve of the dorsal spine. This photo and many more may be found at the penultimate aircraft photo web site--Airliners. Search here:


A Serbian demo aircraft with an eagle head and a striking paint scheme. Note the extended dive brakes.


A nice drawing of the internals of the Orao.


The front office--more here (but brush up on your Russian!):


Smoke . .  on . . . now!