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July 2013

I recently picked up a remastered copy of "Dawn Flight." This classis tale features a pair of Schweizer SGS 1-26 sailplanes and some fantastic aerial film sequences wrapped up in a story that would have made Richard Bach proud. In fact, it brought back memories of 2COOL Gliders, a two-ship air show act the Randy Brooks and I flew at five different air shows in 1992-93. While the glide performance was okay--not stellar--the little sailplanes were stressed for aerobatics.

 This pretty little airplane just "looks right." It is probably the most numerous type of glide in the US, and they used to have soaring contest that  were limited to 1-26s only.

The July LOOTM

"All-American Schweizer SGS 1-26"



Happy Birthday America!

This 1-26B wears a Canadian registry and show the simple, clean lines that make this such a pretty airplane. From the Wiki entry, with more here:


Reminds me of the poem, High Flight. "Oh, I have danced the sky on laughter-silvered wings . . ." From the 1-26 Association web page.

More here:


Schweizer 1-26 landed

The normal ground stance--one main wheel, a small roller under the tail, and one wingtip wheel on each side. This photo is from a web site that sells a paper model (some assembly required).

Check it out here:


A 1-26E on tow. To view a teaser and find out how to order your copy of "Dawn Flight," go here: