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April 2013

I hope the regular reader(s) of this column will forgive my first-quarter dalliance with twin-engine aircraft. This month we get back to singles.

The Avia B-135 was the follow-on to the fixed-gear B-35. Though a contemporary of the Spitfire, and roughly parallel to its development, the Avia fighter never reached the production numbers or wide usage of Supermarine's masterpiece. 

The B-135 did possess reasonable performance but, within its limited employ, did not see enough use to develop into a potent fighting machine. It was powered by a troublesome 860 HP in-line engine and carried two machine guns and one 20mm cannon. While lower-powered than the early Spitfires it also weighed quite a bit less so the power-to-weight ration was very roughly equal to start (though it certainly did not remain so as the Spitfire developed). That could be one major difference between the production of twelve aircraft versus 20,000+. 

An interesting aircraft with the looks of a racer, and one engine.

The LOOTM for April 2013

The Avia B-135T


The Wiki entry to get started:


A Czech B-135 engages a Heinkel H-111 as an escorting Bf-110 turns to counter the intercept. Unlikely as the Bulgarians were the only official users of the type. This is box art from RS Models; if you would like to build your own replica:


A Bulgarian Avia B-135 inflicting damage on a USAAF B-24 Liberator after a bombing raid on Ploesti. There is some controversy as to whether this engagement resulted in shooting down the B-24, or if it took place at all. Follow the mystery here (scroll down to the image first):


A nice line drawing showing the clean aerodynamics of the Avia fighter from this site (How's your Russian?):


You could build your own...  or something else?

Plans here: