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March 2013

In skulking around the WWW looking for cool airplanes, I came across this little gem. How many twin-engine retractable taildraggers with inverted in-line 4-cylinder engines are out there? I can only think of two--the Aero 45 and its more powerful sibling, the Aero 145. (The DH-88 Comet comes close, but has in-line six-cylinder engines--see October 2010 LOOTM.)

These trim little four-seaters were built in Czechoslovakia (by either Aero Vodochody or Let, depending on the year of manufacture) in the middle of the Twentieth Century. As production was limited, there are very few still around. In fact, I've only been able to find one registered in the US. They sport a rounded nose reminiscent of the Heinkel 111 or the Boeing B-29, and their lines are quite pleasing with the gear up or in plan form.

Scanning the FAA Registry only turned up one N-Numbered airplane in the US--at in at least three different states during its lifetime. A rare little aeroplane, indeed. The LOOTM for March, the Aero 45/Aero145. Enjoy!


The LOOTM for March 2013

The Aero45/Aero145


Let Aero Ae-45S Super aircraft picture

This aircraft had been lovingly restored by an owner-pilot in South Africa. The web site is here:


Let Aero Ae-45 aircraft picture

 A good look at the planform, including the tapered wings, trim nachelles and nice proportions. Find out more here:

Let Aero Ae-45S Super aircraft picture

A nice cockpit shot of a Czech-registered Aero 45. Note the push-to-talk switches in the hub of the yokes, and the non-standard arrangement of the throttles and mixtures. Not sure what the two "cherries" are below the throttle quadrant--fuel cut-offs(?). Here's a little video (including some interior in-flight footage):


The is a photo of a 1948 Lufthansa LET Aero 45. Not sure if it flew with wooden props, but the sure look good. Check out the Wiki entry here: