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February 2013

When Beechcraft produced their Model 18, could anyone have guessed how versatile and long-lived the airplane would be? Still going strong more than 75 years after the first -18 rolled off of the line, and with a production run of 9000+ built over a 33-year span, the aircraft deserves its legendary status. Flown all over the world and use in both civilian and military applications, the venerable Beech 18 is one aircraft so many pilots admire.

Powered by a pair of Wright or Pratt & Whitney engines, the "Twin Beech" has the melodic multi-radial-engine rumble.

 And for those of you who know how rarely non-aerobatic aircraft make the LOOTM, well, watch Matt Younkin's amazing, loud and smoky air show routine before claiming that the airplane is incapable of acro. (Don't miss Matt's dazzling night show, either!)

The LOOTM for February 2013

The Beech 18


Beech Expeditor 3NM (D18S) aircraft picture

 This Beech Expeditor 3NM (D18S) flies in Canada on "straight" floats (not amphibious floats with retractable wheels). While there are several operators in Canadian, this one belongs to Vancouver Island Air:


Beech D18S aircraft picture

Twin Beechs flew for many different countries' military. This Beech D18S is from the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum in RCAF markings. More info here:


Beech C18S aircraft picture

Just so one does not think this is an all-Canadian episode, one of the premier Beech 18 pilots is right here in the good ole USofA. If you've seen Matt (or his dad, Bobby from years ago) putting the -18 through her paces, you'll swear it was designed as an aerobatic mount. More here:


Beech D18S aircraft picture

Not sure if this is Bobby Younkin's old Beech (now in Australia), but the paint scheme was quite similar. The Wiki entry here: