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January 2013

Followers of this page will have noticed that I'm a single-engine guy--one BIG engine to be precise. But there are a few twins that I admire. One is the de Havilland DH.103 Hornet.

The concept was simple: take the highly successful Mosquito twin of WWII fame, make it 10% smaller and give it two boosted Merlins cranking out a total over 4,000 horsepower! Even fully loaded at 20,900 pounds, that is a weight-to-power ratio of 5.1 pounds/horsepower. Yehaa! (Oh, and make it a single-seat airplane so there are no arguments among a crew over who gets to fly it.)

These aircraft were originally intended to operate from aircraft carriers in WWII, but the war ended before they went operational. They were used in Asia during the late 40s and remained in squadron service until replaced by jets in the mid-50s.


The LOOTM for January 2013

The de Havilland DH.103 Hornet




de Havilland Hornet Fighter Plane

A great Hornet photo, courtesy of

with more Hornet info here:


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F1 Pilots Notes - Front30.JPG

The "front office" undergoing rebuild for a project. Note the mass of engine controls on the left and the unusual pivot point on the control stick. More on this complicated restoration here: