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December 2012

Hawker produced many pivotal fighter aircraft during WWII. The Hurricane, with Supermarine's Spitfire, won the Battle of Britain. The Typhoon range over Europe and excelled as a ground attack aircraft. Then there's the Tempest . . .

The Hawker Tempest was an outgrowth of the Typhoon. But its family resemblance obscured the fact that so much of the design was entirely new.

 Two major engines drove the Tempest; the Napier Sabre (2,235 HP) and the Bristol Centaurus (2,520 HP). Being partial to radial engines, a fan of the annular inlet cowling, and from the "more-horsepower-is-better" school of thought, I prefer the Mk II variant.

A good place to start is with the Wiki entry:


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The Hawker Tempest



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Warbird picture - #0 1UK Hawker Tempest

The Tempest Mk. II with a radial engine and the curved dorsal fin (a slightly more elegant line) that the later Sea Fury lacks. More here:


Tempest RNZAF 486 Squadron at Volkel 1945 01

These are BIG airplanes, as far as single-engine, piston-driven fighters go . . . . (This example has the Napier Sabre engine, rather than the Centaurus radial that powered some Tempest marks and the Sea Fury.) Great info here:

A fine study of a Tempest Mk. II. If you have to have some artwork for yourself, you could do worse for subject matter. Try here: