The LOOTM Archive

September 2012

This month, the LOOTM is a classic motor-glider. The Sportavia-Fournier RF-4 single-seater and the tandem RF-5. Powered by a relatively small VW derived engine, 39 HP in the -4, and 68 HP for the -5), their light weight and clean lines gave good performance. Either aircraft cruised at around 110 mph with a glide ratio of 22:1 (RF-4) and 20:1 (RF-5) with the engine stopped.

 I've always been partial to the aerobatic RF-4 for its lighter weight, slightly prettier line (purely subjective) and economy of operation. They are quite rare in the US but one does come available every so often.


The LOOTM for September



and its larger sibling




Fournier RF-4D aircraft picture
An RF-4D flown in air show displays in Europe (note the wing tip smoke canisters). More on this model here:


Fournier-Sportavia RF-5 aircraft picture
An RF-5 also flown in display, also in Europe. Pretty good smoke system for the tiny engine. More here:


Fournier-Sportavia RF-5 aircraft picture
Great size comparison between the smaller RF-4D and the RF-5. Great EAA article here:

Fournier-Sportavia RF-5 aircraft picture
One last 2-ship shot--too good to pass up. The outrigger and tail wheels do not retract, but the main wheel does.

Video here: