The LOOTM Archive

August 2012

After a recent self-induced foul up with my aircraft registration on the Cassutt, I realized how much I missed flying her. So for a bit of a repeat (encore?)

The LOOTM for August

The Cassutt III-M


(Oh, and the current registration arrived on the 3rd, so the Lamb has officially returned to flight!)


N124DW (The Tennessee Lamb) Leading Carl and N10TL.

(Brain Thorpe photo)


Since this photo the Lamb has a new silver spinner and some touch-up painting on the panels around the cockpit and forward of the windscreen.

(Brain Thorpe photo)

This one . . . this one.
. . . equals this! And we have the US distribution. (Initial run is for 10, available as of 08-08-12 and <$10 each.)