The LOOTM Archive

July 2012

This month's LOOTM is an all-American aircraft that, unfortunately, failed to find a market niche.

Northrop had the idea to take their highly successful design, the F-5, and remove the two (pretty adequate) engines. Then in the finest American tradition of hot rodding, they replaced them with one BIG engine and, presto, the F-20 "Tigershark" (officially, the F-5G) was born.

As mentioned, the aircraft failed to find a buyer. The F-5s were popular here and abroad, but when the US did not want the F-20 international buyers passed on it as well.

However, to those who appreciate a small, maneuverable airframe mated to a large, afterburning engine, let us pause to fondly remember July's LOOTM: 

The F-20 Tigershark


Is the American Flag Alive


Happy Birthday America!


A pair of F-20s in a very nice formation shot. Note the N number (civilian registration) on the Lead. This development was privately funded by Northrop. More here:

Fine drawing of the internals on the F-20. More excellent cut-away diagrams here:


A color internal diagram, with some good information here:

The F-20 demonstrator in its striking red-and-white paint. Nice and patriotic for the 4th of July with the blue sky background. More here: