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June 2012

This month, the LOOTM is one of the newer acro mounts from Germany. The XtremeAir Sbach XA 41/42 (formerly the Sbach 341/342) are beautifully crafted unlimited aerobats with some well-engineered attention to detail. (For example, each aileron mounts through six hinges with on really long pin from the wingtip to the root. That not only assures perfect alignment, but makes aileron removal quick and easy.)

They are being used in both competition and air show flying, especially in Europe. The XA41 is their single seat aircraft, while the XA42 has two seats. There are a few in the US, but the type is still a relatively rare sight. If you're lucky enough to come across one in the wild, take a close look. I think you'll like what you see.


The LOOTM for June 2012

The XtremeAir Sbach 41/42



Xtreme Air Sbach 342 aircraft picture

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Cool Aircraft Photos


Xtreme Air Sbach 300 aircraft picture
The Red Bull Matadors in the airplanes' original schemes. Great detail shot showing both the top and bottom of the Sbach. Note the clean finish!

And be sure to check out the pilot report at the XtremeAir home page:


D-EYXA, 2011 Xtremeair Sbach 300 C/N 002, 5. SBach duo at IWM Duxford Jubilee Airshow, May 2012.
The Red Bull Matadors have traded in their Sukhoi      Su-26s for a pair of Sbachs. More Fishwick's photos here: