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January 2012

The LOOTM for the New Year certainly has a futuristic look to it. The MiG 1.44 has great lines (except for the "head-on" view?), lots of maneuverability (we think), and power. For an aircraft of this size (63' long and 50' wingspan!) it certainly appears to have potential which, unfortunately, may have come to a premature conclusion. 

The LOOTM for January 2012

The MiG 1.44

Enjoy & Happy New Year!

From the Wiki article.

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Size comparison between models of the MiG 1.44, the Spitfire, and the Su-47 "Berkut". While the Russian aircraft are technology demonstrators, if they were developed into air superiority fighters their mission would be the same as the Spitfire--just separated by scientific advancements of 65+ years. From this site:

The shape of the MiG 1.44 from the available model kits or, in this case, computer modeling bring the aircraft to life in a way the a three- or four-view drawing simply cannot convey.

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