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December 2011

   The ubiquitous German fighter of WWII was the BF-109. In the hands of a competent pilot the aircraft could hold its own against any Allied piston-engined fighter. The highest-scoring Aces of all time got most/all the the victories in 109s. Erich Hartmann is credited with the highest total of all time. In fact, just six 109 pilots (Hartmann--352 kills, Barkhorn--301, Rall--275, Marseille--158, Molders--115, and Galland--104) account for 1305 aircraft shot down! 

    I'm just finishing a model kit of this potent little aircraft (though nowhere new the quality of the one at the bottom of the page!). But I'm partial to one specific model--the BF-109F. It has the streamlined shape of the later nose, the cantilever tail planes, and lacks the tumorous humps of the G model's cowling gun fairings. If it only had the "Galland Hood" . . .

The LOOTM for December 2011

The Messerschmitt Bf-109F



Although this is a G model, it's early enough to have the clean nose of the "Friedrich." Armament consisted of two machine guns in the upper engine cowling, and a cannon firing through the propeller hub/spinner. From Wiki:


A nice two-view showing the clean, simple lines. The F-4 was powered by a Daimler-Benz V-12 engine of approximately 1200 horsepower. There's a very good breakdown of the specific F models here:


An exceptional model of the BF-109F flown by Hans-Jaochim Marseille in North Africa. More on this particular model aircraft kit build here:


Messerschmitt BF-109

A pretty in-flight photo of a current restoration marked as a North African 109. The long filter on the nose is to keep sand from the engine. More photos of WWII fighters from this site here: