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October 2011

Okay, normally this is where the text extols the virtues of the latest LOOTM. But this month, let's cut to the chase and look at this paragon of aerodynamic artistry.

The LOOTM for October the wooden

Pereira GP-5



This photo is from Dave Morss professional web site. He was the test pilot for the GP-5 on her maiden flight. See more here:


The heart of the beast--a small-block Chevy V-8. Note the battery and air-oil separator between the prop and the front cylinder bank. No wasted space. - This is from a thread on Chevy engines--but also has a short YouTube video of the GP-5 making a low pass:


In a hangar at Reno before racing (and having to drop out when the engine began making metal on a qualifying run) the GP-5 not only looks a sleek as can be, but this gives a good idea of the size. Empty weight is ~1000 pounds, but the rules were changed to mandate an empty weight for Unlimiteds at 4500 pounds. She entered in the "Super Sport" Class instead. Read more here:

 YouTube video from Reno, 2010:


From the family tree, the two-seat GP-4.
And the earlier Osprey amphibian. These are both wooden homebuilts.