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September 2011

So we've had a "Twister" as the LOOTM before, but not a Knight Twister. This baby biplane has its roots in the 1930's, but the high performance and economy to build/operate are as timely and modern as can be.

Steen Aero Lab is the official place to start your education. Then there's Wiki, and all the other standard Internet sources. But to whet your appetite for more info, how about a few choice performance specs (for the Knight "Imperial)"?

  • Stall   50 mph

  • Max Level Speed   175 mph

  • SL Rate-of-Climb   1600 fpm

  • Engine   135 - 150 HP

  • Length   16 feet

  • Upper Wing Span   17.5 feet

   The LOOTM for September 2011

The Knight Twister



From the Steen Aero Lab website. Much more info here:


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An excellent article on the history of the Knight Twister written by Vernon Payne is here:


My personal favorite--from 1933. Where can one find a nine-cylinder, 50 HP radial engine? I want a couple--one for the airplane and one just to run every now and then for the sound. The 6-foot prop looks huge, but when the airplane in less than 11 feet long . . . .