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July and August 2011

 It's a happy time with Light Sport aircraft--at least for the Acro crowd. It seems as though at least two of the newest airplanes boast aerobatic capabilities.

In fact, the "Snap!" was designed specifically as an aerobatic airplane.

Here's a nifty little biplane that can carry two people and perform aerobatics--all while meeting the requirements of Light Sport aircraft. What's more, it can be flown as an open-cockpit or equipped with a fully enclosed two-place canopy. Also notice that it has sweep on both the upper and lower wings.

The July LOOTM--The FK-12 "Comet"


Tandem open-cockpit option.


The single-seat canopy. There's also a two-seat canopy. More here:


(Honorable Mention: From the same stable is the FK-14 "Polaris". It's non-aerobatic but, c'mon, just look at the COOL open cockpit option.)



This sleek single-seat monoplane is designed for competition and air show flying, yet fits into the Light Sport category. Combining elements of the unlimited aerobatic European monoplanes, it certainly looks the part. The visibility appears to be nothing short of fantastic and the overall lines are quite pleasing. It's also very fast for the horsepower--at least under the "Experimental" license (although the airplane is still in development and performance numbers may change). Oh, and the "!" is a part of the name, "Snap!" 

The August LOOTM--the Dallair FR-100 "Snap!"


Great vis!


That's better! More information here!: