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June 2011

   Looking like a Fokker Dr.1 Triplane fuselage sporting shortened Fokker D VII wings, the Fokker D VI has an attractive and well-proportioned shape. Far too few were constructed and delivered. (I was unable to find any surviving aircraft with a quick Internet search.) But it lives on in static and flying models, as well as person-carrying reproductions.

   The climb and handling were good, and the twin machine guns gave it as much firepower as most other contemporary fighters. But with the advent of the fabulous Fokker D VII, the VI was upstaged and became a historical footnote.

   The LOOTM for June, the Fokker D VI.


This period photo is from the Wiki entry. More info here:
Fokker D.VI - 1917

This excellent profile drawing shows the typical German "lozenge" fabric to good effect.

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From Wings Palate, the prototype IK-2 in a simple scheme that highlights the lines of the aircraft.

Note: Another good, and quick, (photo-less) reference here: