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May 2011

   A friend of mine turned me on to what would become this month's LOOTM. I'm not usually a fan of high-wing aircraft for aerobatics or fighters, but there's something about the look of the Yugoslav Ikarus IK-2.

   Built in small numbers between WWI and WWII, the aircraft saw limited service at the start of the European conflict until Yugoslavia's surrender in 1941. However, it was outclassed by aircraft of superior performance but soldiered on beside its stable mate, the IK-3 (a low-wing retractable-gear monoplane).

   Normal take-off weight gave the aircraft a 5:1 weight-to-power ratio--good enough for decent performance (~3000 fpm climb and ceiling of 34,000+ feet). It was armed with one 20mm cannon and two forward-firing machine guns. But the striking features of an in-line engine paired with gull wings give the aircraft an elegant, sleek, purposeful look.

   The LOOTM for May, the Ikarus IK-2.


A Yugoslav IK-2 at rest. For more information, or lots of specs, go here:

Prototype IK-2 at the 1938 Belgrade International Aero Exhibition. 

From Wings Palate, the prototype IK-2 in a simple scheme that highlights the lines of the aircraft.

Also from Wings Palate, an operational IK-2 in Yugoslav service and theater camouflage. More here:

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It's difficult to find in-flight photos of the IK-2, but a (very) few companies have produced model kits. This is the box art from the latest release, the Azur 1/72 scale model in injection-molded plastic.