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March 2011

 A long-time listing on our links page, the Radial Rocket really deserves to be a LOOTM in its own right. Built around the Vedenyev radial from Russia--with its phenomenal sound and power capability approaching 450 HP. The slippery composite skin promises a fast airplane that is also capable of sports aerobatics. And if that wasn't enough, the company just developed a retractable gear version. Yeah, the retract IS a nose wheel aircraft (the fixed gear is the tail dragger), but just look at the in-flight photos with that clean lower profile. Gorgeous!

   The March 2011 LOOTM, the Radial Rocket. Enjoy! (Thanks to Dave for suggesting this month's LOOTM.)

Great lines, round motor and big prop--what's not to like. Note the quality of the finish. ALl you need to know cna be found here:


The front office--clean, modern and roomy.


The heart of the Rocket--the Vedenyev mounted on the origianl tail dragger. Grrrowl!


This give a good idea of the overall size. Pretty.


The new retract, bearing (no pun intended!) an uncanny resemblance to the F8F. "Look, Ma, no wheels!"