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Lust Object of the Month

January 2011

The first LOOTM of the decade may, in geopolitical terms, set the tone for the next ten years.  Or it could just be a cool airplane.

The Chinese are developing more modern and capable fighter aircraft. So if an F-16 was blended with a Eurofighter, the result might be very similar to the Chengdu J-10.

The performance is roughly equivalent to the F16/Rafale/Mirage2000/Su-27. It also have futuristic looks and one control stick/one seat/one (big!) engine--what's not to like. Besides, who wouldn't want to fly an airplane named, "Vigorous Dragon"?

(Wonder if this is where all that money I spend on toys made in China goes . . . ?)

The January LOOTM is the Eurofighter.


An artist's rendering (?) of a J-10 with weapons load and gear down.


The profile view bears quite a resemblance to the F-16. The plan form, however . . .


This J-10 show the clean lines as well as the canard configuration. The wingtip vortices suggest it is pulling heavy g at the moment.