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September 2010

Mike Arnold has a couple of very efficient airplane designs to his credit, and since the Cassutt racer started this trend (it's ALL Carl's fault!), let's stay with race planes for one more month.

I remember seeing drawings years ago for a super sleek racer designed to meet the rules for Formula One--specifically racing with an engine displacement of no more than 200 cubic inches. This is his vision brought to life.

"Endeavor," is a Formula One racer with fantastic lines and impeccable finish. If you look at the reflections in her skin, you'll see just how smooth a surface was achieved. I shudder to think of the hours spent making the aircraft this perfect, but that's what racing is all about--getting the most out of the air while disturbing it as little as possible.

The LOOTM for September--the Arnold AR-6 "Endeavor." Enjoy!

Photo By Victor G. Archer


Two photos (from Airport Journals) of Endeavor rounding the pylons at Reno. More here:


A great shot of the smooth profile--a real thoroughbred.

A good article (in b&w PDF format) on the AR-6, and its predecessor AR-5 from the designer himself, Mike Arnold.