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July/August 2010

Someone around the airport here recently pointed out that the M in LOOTM stands for "month" and not "quarter." So in an attempt to appease the peanut gallery, here are two LOOTMs that get us all back on the monthly schedule.

I recently had the opportunity to fly the Cassutt that one of our 4th of July performers brought and was very impressed with it. Simple, light and fast, it had responsive controls and did nice aerobatics--especially without an inverted system. Perhaps most importantly, one can afford to buy, own and operate one of these little critters for a lot less than most aerobatic mounts.

The LOOTM for July, the Cassutt IIIM. Enjoy!

The "Dukes of Cassutt" showing some subtle variation of the design in the canopies and cowlings.  This three-ship has since acquired Pitts S-1s.


This modified Cassutt is owned by Astronaut "Hoot" Gibson.

More Cassutt info here:


An "ancient" photo of 124DW--a Cassutt that is special to me--in front of "The Lady."




Howard Hughes was quite a character, and his contribution to aeronautics should not be overlooked. Case-in-point is the Hughes H-1 Racer, a gorgeous aircraft that incorporated cutting-edge technologies (especially for the times) to go fast. It was rumored to have inspired several designs, including the Japanese Zero.


Several years ago the airplane was recreated and flown to many shows and fly-ins, and well-publicized (even with a cover on "Air and Space" magazine). The original now resides at the NASM in D.C. The airplane remains one of the most beautiful racers ever built.

The LOOTM for August, the Hughes H-1 Racer. Enjoy!



The replica H-1 in flight

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This three-view drawing show both the long-wing version and the short-wing. See the Wiki entry here: