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2nd Quarter 2010

This is a bit of a flashback, but after recently flying with a client from France who is taking delivery of one of these neat little planes the Silence Aircraft "Twister" makes the top of our second quarter LOOTM list. Pretty, good performance, great operating economy and exciting aerobatic capability make this an attractive little package. Sure, it's a kit, but a really well-done kit that can be assembled in weeks--not years.  Enjoy...



Silence Twister aircraft picture

Retractable version...


Silence Twister aircraft picture

Or fixed gear. Either one is beautiful.

The official web site:

Peter Wells acro video:

Two-ship Twister Team:

More great pictures at:


P-38 "Lightning"

Long overdue is the appreciation of Lockheed's magnificent P-38 "Lightning." At a time when many of the ideas embodied in this design were so against convention, "Kelly" Johnson and his team do so much right. There were the normal teething problems of cuting-edge technology coupled with the crucible of a demanding wartime pace, but the final result was spectacular and potent. The two top scoring US ace's from WWII both flew the P-38, and Charles Lindbergh scored his only kill of the war in one! Enjoy, airplane fans.


Lockheed P-38L Lightning aircraft picture

A gorgeous example flying recently in Europe with the original streamlined (and, later, inadequate) nacelle inlets.


Lockheed P-38J Lightning aircraft picture

A later model (P-38J) with the deep chin radiators. From the side the aircraft adopts a sleek, slim appearance so different from its planform.


P-51 "Mustang"

Lastly this quarter, the All-American fighter just in time for the 4th of July. The N.A. P-51 "Mustang" had an incredibly short gestation and the cooperative and rapid evolution with the British to become THE single-engine fighter of WWII, and an aviation legend. Not enough room to tell all there is to tell about this great airplane, so here are a few photos to leave you wanting more.

North American P-51C Mustang aircraft picture

A three-ship with Princess Elizabeth (a P-51C) in the lead and two D's on the wings.

North American P-51D Mustang aircraft picture

A great shot from the wing position. As close as most of us will get to a Mustang formation. . . .

North American P-51D Mustang aircraft picture

Dave Morco's gorgeous "Sizzlin' Liz." They have graced our little 4th of July Air Show for the last several years. Nothing, but nothing, sounds like a Mustang!