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1st Quarter 2010

Okay, LOOTM-lovers--your voices have been heard! That's right, it was unanimous to keep the LOOTM! (The votes--they all came in after the deadline--numbered between 2 and 1,000,000.) So as promised, here's a new LOOTM, plus a two-fer from a pair of you faithful fans:

 During WWII, Japan required an interceptor to engage the bombers that were attacking the homeland. One design was a compact airplane that would ultimately be fitted with a 2000 HP engine and four large-bore cannon.  The Ki-44 Shoki (or "Demon Queller") did not possess the raw maneuverability that Japanese pilots valued, but it did prove successful in its intended role. So here's a little, barrel-chested fighter as your LOOTM "Return to Flight."

A great period shot of a Shoki on patrol near Mt. Fujiyama. Here's the page link (but how's your Spanish?): 

A great model/composite photo of the Shoki in its role as an interceptor. See more from artist Ryan Boerema:

Read more here:

Or here:



Years ago I had the privilege of flying Leo's best-known airplane, "Beautiful Obsession" (but that's another story!). But many of you may not know that her was working on the next generation of monoplane before his untimely passing. Go here for more information:

And here's a YouTube video link:



This one's hot. Grrrr-ooowwwwllllllllll...!

Or how 'bout something that looks like a miniature 2-seat Bearcat with one of my all-time favorite radial engines (MP-14)? That's the Bear 360. Here's the link to the Bear 360 site:

And this is a link to the Plane and Pilot article written by our Cali buddy, Swift owner, air show pilot and former Red Baron, Bill Stein:

Plane & Pilot Article


Well, it was close. The end was in sight, but with the votes and two suggestions the LOOTMs came back from the brink of extinction. Thanks to everyone who voted, and a special thanks to our two intrepid flyers who offered fine examples of avian artistry.