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November 2009

Sleek, trim lines and good proportions make this a pretty little fighter.

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One of many color profiles--this one a VG-39--showing the minor variations as the airframe evolved.

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Although the French did not realize their fighter aircraft potential in WWII, there were some very capable aircraft in the inventory. This sleek, little aircraft, the Arsenal VG-33, is a good example.

With a span of just under 36 feet and less than 7000 pounds gross weight, she was small for a 40's era fighter. The original Hispano-Suiza V-12 engine was rated at 860 horsepower, but that was boosted to around 1000 in later aircraft. Armament was adequate--one 20 mm cannon in the propeller shaft and four .30 caliber machine guns in the wings. A later model, the VG.39bis, boasted the maximum power with a 1600 horsepower Hispano-Suiza 12Z-17 engine.

    For November, the LOOTM is the Arsenal VG-33/39. Enjoy!