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October 2009

File:Luscombe Model 10.jpg

Clean lines on the ground and in flight. More information here:

The plans that first caught my eye...

This little airplane came to my attention through plans I stumbled across on the Internet. As much of a Luscombe fan as I am, I have to admit that I hadn't heard of the Model 10 until I saw the plans. I had to learn more.

Well, the sole example was constructed using available assemblies from the numerous Model 8 Luscombe Silvair. The Model 10 was a trim single-seat airplane that could squeeze almost two miles-per-hour per horsepower from its little 65 HP Continental engine.

Unfortunately, the market wasn't impressed. Perhaps it was just ahead of its time--it could certainly cash in on the Light Sport interest right now. Seems to me that it would also be a great reproduction project...

   The LOOTM for October, the Luscombe Model 10. Enjoy!