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August 2009

Mitsubishi Ka-14

The Mitsubishi Ka-14 prototype. The inverted gull wing is mostly obscured by the crew. 

 More information may be found here.

The three-view drawing gives a better perspective of not only the inverted gull wing, but the beautiful elliptical wing shape. And the engine cowling is classic, bumped over the cylinder heads and dished for the individual exhausts. Compare this aircraft with the A5M Claude three-view below.

Bearing a definite family resemblance, the differences are still quite notable. While the A5M is a more modern airplane, in some ways it is a shame that the Ka-14 was not put into production. 

Before the Zero, before the Claude, Mitsubishi built the Ka-14. It was state-of-the-art in fighter design in the mid-30s. With a 600 HP radial engine, inverted gull wing and a gorgeous elliptical plan form, the trim little monoplane was beautiful. Only one prototype was constructed before the gull wing was abandoned in favor of a simpler dihedral wing. Thus the A5M Claude was born.

However, the inverted gull wing not only set the Ka-14 apart, but avoided the long gear legs of the Claude. Interestingly, the same design was used in the Corsair (4-5 years later) to keep the gear legs shorter and stronger for operations off of aircraft carriers, too.

   The LOOTM for August, the Mitsubishi Ka-14.