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July 2009

This is the airplane that first got me interested, and lives in St. Augustine, FL. The simple paint appears sleek and well-proportioned. Here's the original photo:

Hurricane Opener

Budd Davison's PIREP on the Hurricane is here:

This example has an engine that more closely resembles the Merlin. The Wiki article can be found here:

   First saw this little guy at the St. Augustine Air Show in 2006 and thought it was a really nice airplane. It was trim, fast, and beautifully built (like a fine, wooden boat). On 27 June this year we held a practice day at our airport and the owner brought the Hurricane up to fly in the box. Well, it was just as pretty and capable as it was years ago. And while it isn't an exact replica of the famous Hurricane fighter, it looks good from a short distance and is a fine sport plane. It's also economical to operate, fun, relatively fast and aerobatic. And isn't that enough for any airplane enthusiast?

   What, A British airplane for a month of America's birthday? Actually, it's designed by an American pilot/builder using American know-how and parts, engine, etc. And now it's being exported all over the world, including back to Britain.

  The LOOTM for July, the Sindlinger Hurricane.