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March 2009

The "front office" of the prototype--simple, clean and roomy.  Check out the full web site here:

J. Meier's curving paint scheme looks great on this CX-4. 

  Glen Bradly taking off in Dave Thatcher's CX5:


The Leonard brothers realized a dream and made it to Sun ín Fun 2009. They were parked in a place of honor next to Dave Thatcherís prototype, seen in the background.


The LOOTM for March is the Thatcher CX-4.  I've liked this airplane since I first saw it, but was a little disappointed that it is not aerobatic.  Nonetheless, I'd occasionally look in on the web site.  My attention was refocused recently when I read the latest issue of the EAA magazine, "Sport Aviation."  A couple of years after the prototype appeared several projects have been under construction.  In the last couple of months no fewer than fourteen (14!) have been completed and are flying.

    Not a lot of informational sources on this, so I'll just tease you with a picture or two and refer those interested to the Thatcher CX-4 Web Site where you'll find just about anything you want to know.  Nicely proportioned, it's Light Sport compliant and has a VW-derived engine that sips fuel.

    The LOOTM for March, the CX-4.  Now if Mr. Thatcher could modify it for sports aerobatics . . . .