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January 2009

A wartime photo of a pair of Ki-100s.  Note the cut down rear fuselages and teardrop canopies for better rear vision.  More photos here:

KI-100 Photos

A very nice computer rendering of three Ki-100s.  Note the original higher back to the fuselage.  More of these "skins" may be found here:


During the Pacific campaigns of WWII, bomber crews reported attacks by Japanese fighters bearing a resemblance to German and Italian aircraft.  US Military did not believe the reports at first, discounting the idea that the Japanese were flying fighters with an in-line engine.  But the reports proved to be true and the Ki-61 Hien, code named "Tony", became a very real threat.

But as the war dragged on, the supply of in-line engines could not match the output of the Kawasaki factory.  When faced with the problem on what to do with the extra airframes, the solution was simple--mate the airframes to the Mitsubishi Ha-112 twin-row 14 cylinder, 1500 HP radial engine.  As happens in wartime, and with a bit of luck, the resulting aircraft proved to be a very capable and formidable fighter, tangling with the Grumman F-6F "Wildcat" on fairly equal terms.

    The January LOOTM, the Kawasaki Ki-100.  Enjoy!


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