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September 2008

A lovely little Dart.  This black-and-yellow beauty shows the radial engine and cowl to good advantage.

An updated restoration with a bubble canopy and an opposed 4-cylinder engine for an interesting, modern and pretty, look.  More info here:

How's this for a dream-come-true?  A beautiful little airplane, nice runway and facilities, and a stunning backdrop--sigh . . .

One of Al Mooney's first design was the Dart, when he and KK Culver established the Dart Aircraft Company.  This trim two-seater had a semi-elliptical plan form (my favorite!), and was powered by a small radial engine (my favorite!).  It was quite the little aerobat and, with a Warner 145 HP should have had a good power-to-weight ratio--especially in the early 40's!

For some quick info, try the Wiki entry:


    The LOOTM for September is the Dart.  Enjoy!