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July 2008

The "front office," in very nice shape, with everything you need readily at hand.

Good study of an L-29 flying in the UK.  Read more about this aircraft here:

I've always been partial to tigers, and to aircraft painted in Tiger schemes.  These aircraft are the Sasol Tigers team.

A pair of Delfins showing two different placements of the tanks.  The R model, the upper aircraft, could also carry underwing tanks (although this one doesn't). 

Jets are fine, but usually not on my personal Radar.  However, I recently came to appreciate this compact jet trainer first built by the Czechoslovakians in 1960.  Simple, rugged and possessing good all-around performance, the "Delfin" ("Dolphin", of course), was widely utilized to prepare pilots transitioning into MiGs.

    The Delfin is a nice flying aircraft with basic systems (for a jet), but is relatively easy to maintain, operate and purchase.  But the hourly operating costs (especially with high fuel prices) can be a bit daunting.  But if you're looking for a jet that requires very little attention and is simple and satisfying to fly--and aerobatic, to boot--the L-29 is a good choice.

    The LOOTM for July is the Aero Vodochody L-29 "Delfin"  Enjoy!