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May 2008

The Yak-50--note the resemblance!  More info here:

For a very nice Russian drawing, go here:

As a long-time fan of Russian airplanes, the products of the Yakovlev Design Bureau have always held a certain fascination.  The Yak 50 is a wonderful aircraft, but with a recent listing on the Yak 18PS popped up on my Radar screen.

 The precursor to the Yak 50, the Yak 18PS is a lower-powered version with fabric-covered wings.  But it still possesses the pleasing lines and (for its time) the potent performance of a World-Class aerobatic machine.  In fact, the example listed for sale not only flew in the 1972 World Aerobatic Contest, but was flown by a woman Cosmonaut.

 The Yak 50 is a more modern aircraft (metal wings, 360 HP Vedenyev in place of the 300 HP Ivchenko), but after covering the ailerons/wings on the Pitts, I can appreciate the simplicity and light weight.  Besides, the Yak 18PS is quite rare and that fact gives it a certain appeal all its own. 

The May LOOTM is Yakovlev's Yak 18PS.  Enjoy!