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April 2008

First flight of Canadian-registered C-GIIP in 2001.
Nice example from the UK, with a slightly different vertical tail profile.

It doesn't get much simpler than this.  No excuse for being distracted from the outside view.

This Playboy is currently listed on at a reasonable price.  Not a bad way to get around . . .

Okay, so here's the real April LOOTM--the Stits Playboy.  Ray Stits (yes, the same person who developed the Stits fabric covering process), designed a neat little single-seat low wing airplane.  It is economical (very important with the price of fuel these days) and capable of sports aerobatics.  It is also the basis for the RV line--Van's RV-1 was a Playboy fuselage with a cantilever metal wing replacing the original fabric covered, strut-braced wing.

Some Playboys have done away with the strut bracing.  This results in a much nicer looking and faster aircraft.  Aerobatic, economical, and pretty, the Stits Playboy is the LOOTM for April.


For more information, check these sites.  Enjoy!