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December 2006

A great detail study of a sturdy little biplane.  This is our S-2A "Red Bird II" with the Fernandina Beach airport in the background.

The Blackhawks (who later became the Holiday Inn Aerobatic Team) circa 1986 in echelon.  The middle airplanes are S-2Bs and the top and bottom aircraft are S-2Ss.

The Holiday Inn Aerobatic Team near the southern tip of Amelia Island in 1991.  These are the Blackhawk airplanes with new paint (and would later become the Holiday Inn/Coca-Cola Aerobatic team).  Keoki is second from the top.

Keoki operated this S-2S for two seasons.  It was better balanced than the S-2B, and was the first airplane he named for Jan -"Red Bird."

C'mon kid!  What do you want for Christmas already?

For the end-of-the-year LOOTM, we want to celebrate our own little airplane and her cousins.  The Pitts is a truly delightful airplane to fly and will reward a good pilot with countless grins.  Its handling is impeccable and the controls feel as though they are an extension of the pilot, not some mechanical interface between person and object.

Sure, there are other airplanes that have more horsepower, or a faster roll rate, or more vertical capability.  But the Pitts is simply a wonderful plane to fly.  I liken it to Jan's Miata--not the fastest or the most powerful, but always fun to drive.

If you haven't yet, or just want to renew an acquaintance, treat yourself to a Pitts soon. 

Happy Holidays from all of us!