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November 2006

With the planform, a three blade prop and outward retracting main gear, the comparison to the early Spitfires is unavoidable.

Gorgeous planform and great visibility in a compact package.  This must be what a baby Spitfire looks like . . .

Have to have some other Twisters to allow for formation.

During WW II, the Supermarine factory photographed the prototype Spitfire Mk XIV in this same pose.

The cockpit is snug and the instrument panel is simple, much like a European sailplane.

The LOOTM for November is a pretty little homebuilt, called the Twister, that looks a lot like a Spitfire.  That resemblance is entirely intentional!

Using a mix of technologies, including composite surfaces, LED lighting, and the type of spar attachments utilized in sailplanes, this svelte beauty is quite economical.  Its 80 HP engine sips less than 5 gallons per hour of fuel at a cruise of around 130 knots--with the gear retracted.  Sea level climb is 1500 FPM, and the wing has been static load tested to 14G.

Ease of assembly, and the ability to remove the wings and tail in minutes to allow for storage or trailering (they also sell a custom trailer for it) make the Twister owner-friendly.  And, of course, it's aerobatic.